Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Watch a Swimming Corgi from Underneath

Okay, can you think of anything less efficient than little Corgi legs doing a dog paddle? Yet Zero is having a great time in the swimming pool. The Jaws theme is the icing on the cake for this cute video. Zero's full name is Zero Marie Hussein Corgibutt, which makes her special right away. She has her own Instagram account. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Baby Instructions

I Am Your Father

On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Anna Faris, Jenny Slate, and Mark Hamill play a game of "I Am Your Father," in which the celebrities have to guess which parent-child pairs are really related. Once you get a look at all of them, it seems easy. Easier still, when they ask questions and three answers are fairly lame. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Science Fair Project

Yeah, it's Photoshopped, but the original picture could have been just this funny if you connected the dots. (via reddit)

Homemade Sushi for Cats

We already knew that chef Jun Yoshizuki and his wife Rachel have three perfectly spoiled cats: Haku, Poki, and Nagi. You don't know that half of it. Watch him make the cats some perfect sushi, while they watch. Jun always makes homemade cat food. Even for Poki, the world's most annoying cat. (via Metafilter)

Label Maker

7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Lost Boys

The Lost Boys was released to theaters on July 31, 1987. It was such a film for the 1980s, when sexy teenage vampires were dangerous monsters, instead of selfless glittery romantic interests, although each version of pop culture vampire has the perfect hair for its era. Cinefix revisits The Lost Boys with some trivia for the movie's 30th anniversary. Has it really been that long? Yes it has. While the story is fairly timeless, the big hair, the chunky pants, and those shoulder pads peg 1987 to a T. (via Mashable)

Miss Cellania's Links

Freedom Ride: a glimpse into the experiences of one group of the Freedom Riders of 1961.

The Biggest San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Stories. The latest updates from every pop culture universe.

All hell breaks loose as the tundra thaws.

12 Ways Airports Are Secretly Manipulating You.

If you can’t find a surgeon, employ a butcher. This story of medieval surgery is disturbing. (via Strange Company)

"Dude, where's my car?" Parents take to Craigslist for help after ‘doofy’ son loses car at Metallica show.

Scientific Journals Publish Bogus Paper About Midi-chlorians from Star Wars, a reminder that not all journals use peer review or even proofreaders.

Puzzlewood, Tolkien’s Inspiration for Middle-earth. The peaceful, green, 14-acre section of Gloucestershire is truly inspirational.

How to Turn Your Used Electronics Into Cash. Read the comments, too, for the experiences of people who have used these methods.

The Accent Whisperers of Hollywood. An influx of global acting talent must be taught to passably sound like Americans.

Packing the Basics

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Lego In Real Life

A guy makes toast and eggs for breakfast, except his ingredients are LEGO bricks. This stop-motion animation was made in the style of PES films, like Fresh Guacamole. Short and sweet, and satisfying. This video took BrickBrosProductions three days and 1,500 still images to create. (via Digg)

Monday, July 24, 2017


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Bird Regrets Opening a Box

This curious parrot sees a box on the table and has to open it. It has an unexpected kitten inside. That's okay, until the cat acts up, then it's goodbye cat. This strikes me as possibly the most perfect gif I've ever seen. I don't know why it didn't make the front page of reddit. In the original video, the bird relents to his human's order to free the cat. However, he makes it clear that he does not forgive the cat for his rude behavior.

(via Boing Boing)


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Young Explorers

Filmmaker Jacob Krupnick's project Young Explorers follows children who have barely learned to walk, as their instincts for exploring are kicking in. This isn't easy for urban parents to negotiate. In a recent interview at ICP, Krupnick tells a story to illustrate the disconnect between child's instinct to explore and a parent's instinct to protect them.
While filming my daughter walking around Coney Island, she passed a boy her age who was tied up in one of those child nets, tethered to his mother, unable to experience life outside her reach. Ada, my daughter, marched past him. His look of astonishment read something like: what is that creature? Half an hour later, they met again along the boardwalk. He was still attached to his mum. He looked at Ada tentatively and tenderly offered her a piece of popcorn. In these moments, you come to see how desirable freedom is.
I can relate. While watching Bejla above and Tristan below, I had to keep reminding myself that not only was Krupnick right there filming, but the child's parents are no doubt just out of camera range. At the same time, the back of my mind wanted to reach out and hold their little hands.

Krupnick has ten episodes in the series filmed, but only two are available on the 'net so far. We look forward to seeing more. (via Metafilter)

Tweet of the Day

A little girl in a Wonder Woman costume teared up as she approached Gal Gadot at San Diego Comic Con. I case you can't hear what is being said, part of it is Gadot saying, "Now we are friends so there's no reason to cry anymore. We are together!" I believe someone is cutting onions in the next room. Wonder Woman is so important to little girls. (via Buzzfeed)

Heroin Addict

(via The Chive)

People Answer Questions About Love Before and After Drinking

You've seen this before. First it's "Yes, I'm happy. I'm single. I'm in a good place." Then a few drinks later, they're crying on your shoulder because they are SO lonely. That can be cathartic between good friends who are venting. On a date, it could lead to deciding whether that person is worth a second date. At a party, it could lead to more drinks, then a morning after full of cotton mouth and regret.

Most people have a set of inhibitions that cause us to think before we speak (or we should). One of alcohol's earliest effects is to loosen up one's inhibitions, which is why it's called a social lubricant. One or two drinks later, the rational face we present to strangers begins to fall away and reveal our emotional side. People become more open, which is what happened when The Cut asked some single folks to talk about love and relationships, before and after cocktails. (via Tastefully Offensive) 

Miss Cellania's Links

10 Ridiculous Feats of Literature.

Sex and Marriage in China, Where Generations of Men Outnumber Women. (via Nag on the Lake)

You don't have to love your body. (via Metafilter)

Six "Common" Medical Conditions That Don't Actually Exist. Some of them were only named in order to sell you a cure.

In 1838, Missouri witnessed the “Missouri Mormon War.” It was the first of three armed conflicts before the Mormons found their home.

Hippies, Guns, and LSD: The San Francisco Rock Band That Was Too Wild For the Sixties. The Charlatans were ahead of their time, but flamed out fast.

Remembering Hair-Raising Landings at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport. Landing on runway 13/31 landings was so terrifying, it was called the Kai Tak Heart Attack.

The Scariest Rides At The Fair, Ranked By An Anxious Man. Mark Shrayber is terrified of carnival rides, yet he can't help but try them.

The 100 Greatest American Cooks of All Time. Many of the cooks on the list have a full article about them linked, which could keep you busy for some time. (via Metafilter)

12 charming coastal towns to visit this summer. Get away from the crowds of tourists for a relaxing getaway.


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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Fighting Game

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